Wife Regrets Birthday Present She Gave to Husband

JACKSONVILLE, NC – Marie Lewis thought giving her husband something he always wanted would make for a great surprise birthday party. To her surprise the gift has turned to be more than she bargained for. “I read in Black Cosmopolitan Magazine, that in order to keep the spice alive in your relationship, every women should give their significant other sex toys. So I decided to give my husband a mold of my vajayjay. That was a mistake.” Ms. Lewis went on to state that since giving her husband the mold of her private parts, her husband no longer sleeps in the bed with her. “He spends all his time in the spare bedroom and the bathroom. Sometimes he is in there for hours. I go to check on him and I can hear sounds coming but I can’t go in because the door is locked. He actually changed the locks on the bathroom door. We used to call each other the same time everyday. Just a little something we’ve done since we got together 10 years ago. Now I call and it goes to his voicemail. When I am able to get his secretary she tells me he is working from home. How the hell is he working from home? I saw him get in the car and leave. All I can say is I can’t wait until my birthday.”