Black Wedding Ruined by White DJ

Black Wedding Ruined by White DJ

ATLANTA, GA – Many women spend their entire lifetimes dreaming about their wedding day. That’s exactly what Rita Charmers did when she dreamed of her special day. But those blissful wedding dreams soon turned into sour wedding grapes when what is supposed to be the happiest day of her life was ruined all because of one man.

No we aren’t talking about the groom. “My wedding day was ruined because the damn DJ refused to play the Wedding Wobble song. Now my marriage is cursed.”

That’s right folks, Mrs. Charmers says her wedding was ruined because the DJ, DJ Porky wouldn’t play the Wedding Wobble song.

“This lady was yelling obscenities and threw cake and a vase at my head. I kept trying to tell her that I couldn’t play the song because I didn’t have the record but she wouldn’t listen to what I was saying,” stated Porky. “This was my first black wedding and I was prepared to play the Electric Slide. I mean that’s why her kind always dances to. But as soon as the record came in she came charging at me like a bull. Ripping needles and scratching up my cd’s. Screaming that black folks don’t do the Electric Slide anymore they do the “Wobble”. How the hell was I supposed to do that, I’m not a black folk.”

Guests at the wedding say they had to protect the DJ because the bride was looking to kill him. One guest who wished to remain anonymous said that she doesn’t even know why they hired a white DJ for a black wedding. A black DJ would have known what to play.

Fortunately for the bride, DJ Porky didn’t want to press charges. She was still upset after the police officers left but DJ Porky was able to calm her down when he threw on the classic Bitches Aint S*^t but Hoes and Tricks by Dr. Dre. And Snoop Dogg

This got the crowd back in a festive mood and the reception continued without any further incidents.

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