BooBoo, Play Him or Cut Him

BooBoo, Play Him or Cut Him

Foxboro, MA – Chad Ochocinco was released by the New England Patriots on Thursday and he has his fiancé to thank. Ochocinco, 34, landed with the Patriots via trade from the Cincinnati Bengals last offseason, but his tenure with the Pats comes to an end after just one season with the team.

A press release from the Patriots front office states “We really wanted Chad to be a part of this team. But we just couldn’t deal with his fiancé. All last season she was going around and smacking Patriots personnel, throwing drinks on players, telling the head coach that he needs to run more plays so her man can get more television time, and trying to sell these damn t-shirts with sayings on them. It got to a point where she was really starting to upset some of the Football Wives in the organization.”

Evelyn Lozada the star of the highly popular VH1 series “BasketBall Wives” has made it clear that she is not willing to relinquish her 15 minutes of fame – just yet. “Chad wasn’t shit before he got with me. So what he been in the league a few years, that n@#$%a wasn’t making no real money until he got with this bitch. Ya’ll wasn’t checking for him before, but u checking for him now. WootWoot that is all me. Keep it real BooBoo. Don’t get it f@cked up.”

As security was being called to escort Lozada off the premisesa few office workers reported that they could hear Lozada screaming at Bill Belichick “You are a Non F’N Factor”

Despite his relatively poor season on the field, Ochocinco was quick to thank the Patriot organization for his time with the team. He tweeted the following on Thursday afternoon: She only wants the best for me – Love, Chad Lozada

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