• Research Shows Black Women Have Higher Rate of Lesbianism

    Dr. Danielle Homoten, professor of lesbian studies at Cleveland State University, who has just concluded her study on the rate of lesbianism stated she was not surprised at the results. “The interesting aspect is why no one has made this … Continue reading

  • MIT Student Invents the Perfect Penis

    According to the Official Research Guaranteed to Always Satisfy Myself or ORGASM, there are 45 million women aged 18 and older. 23.7% or 10.6 million of those women claim to only reach an orgasm by means other than being with … Continue reading

  • Masturbation is Key to Man’s Long Life

    BATON ROUGE, LA -It is often said that a glass of wine every day with dinner guarantees a longer life; however, Admon Gracer says he has never let a sip of wine touch his lips and he has just celebrated … Continue reading

  • Wife Regrets Birthday Present She Gave to Husband

    JACKSONVILLE, NC – Marie Lewis thought giving her husband something he always wanted would make for a great surprise birthday party. To her surprise the gift has turned to be more than she bargained for. “I read in Black Cosmopolitan … Continue reading

  • Black Wedding Ruined by White DJ

    ATLANTA, GA – Many women spend their entire lifetimes dreaming about their wedding day. That’s exactly what Rita Charmers did when she dreamed of her special day. But those blissful wedding dreams soon turned into sour wedding grapes when what … Continue reading