New Black CEO adds Fried Bologna Sandwich to Menu

New Black CEO adds Fried Bologna Sandwich to Menu

McDonalds did more than change the face of a fortune 500 company when they promoted Don Thompson, currently McDonald’s president and chief operating officer, to chief executive officer. For the first time in its history, McDonald’s will have an African-American CEO, who has already pledge to shake up the global hamburger giant with major changes to its menu.

“McDonald’s African-American customers bring in nearly 18 percent of the restaurant’s sales. Yet, we don’t have much on the menu that reflects the people who contribute a large portion of our revenue,” stated Thompson.

“My goal as CEO is to start making sure the restaurants reflect the neighborhoods we are in so my team and I have come up with five new restaurant staples that I’m sure everyone will love, just as much as I did growing up.”

Some of the other items scheduled to be added to the menu include:

Fried Bologna Sandwiches, Ham hock & Black Eye Pea Salad, A new McWaffle & Chicken Breakfast Sandwich, McGrits, and the new McSpam Sandwich












The new menu items were presented at the opening of a new McDonald’s restaurant in Harlem, New York. After hearing the menu items the future CEO was planning to make Bonita Jenkins, the council president for the New York chapter of The B.O.C. (Black Obesity Council) held a press conference to protest the new menu items.

“Mr. Thompson should have an added responsibility to our community. We have a higher rate of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure, than any other community. Some damn spam. He thinks this is going to change the obesity levels in the community. Have you seen my ass, this is an ass from eating fried damn bologna. My bologna has a first name and it’s written all over my fat ass. See that’s what’s wrong with them uppity type Negroes.”

Mr. Thompson who wasn’t available when Ms. Jenkins was having her press conference did have one of his rep’s give Jenkins a buy one get one free coupon. Which she gladly accepted and used to order two Big Mac’s, a large fry and a diet soda.

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