• Newly Married Bride Moves Back in With Roommate

    MANCHESTER, CT — Maid of Honor Brook Murray confirmed Tuesday that newlywed Latrisha Fields, who was just married over the weekend, has moved back into the apartment after only two-days on her honeymoon. “We both were raised to believe that … Continue reading

  • Singer Banned For Life From Elevators

    NEW YORK CITY, NY — The NAEC board of director’s president came down hard Tuesday on Solange Knowles , sister of Pop Superstar Beyonce, ordering her to take the stairs and forcing her to visit one-level buildings only after the … Continue reading

  • Male Virgin Can’t Believe He Blew Chance to Have Sex

    GROTON, CT – 24-year-old Geeroy Roshawn Johnson, one of the few male virgins still living in Groton, has reported that he blew his only chance to have sex this year. “I really don’t understand how this happened!! I was so … Continue reading

  • NAACP Says Sterling Deserves the Award

    Los Angeles – The spokesperson for the Los Angeles chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People says they will still honor Donald Sterling on May 15th with the Lifetime Achievement Award because they can’t believe the … Continue reading

  • Charles Barkley Launces Big Mouth Public Relations Firm

    Los Angeles – TNT basketball analyst and NBA Hall of Famer, Charles Barkley confirmed that he has resigned from his analyst job to become the Publicist for Donald Sterling. “I don’t think there is anything wrong with racism,” said Barkley, … Continue reading

  • Rep. Waites to Propose Legislation to Regulate Ugly Lesbians

    ATLANTA – State Representative Keisha Waites (D-Atlanta) announced today that she will introduce legislation in the 2014 Legislative Session that will require ugly lesbians to get a special permit in order to marry. “Something must be done to stop these … Continue reading

  • Soon Everyone Will be Able to Pop Bottles

    BRONX,NY– The first Bunghole Bottled Liquors opened on a street corner in the Bronx, marking a milestone in the brand’s long-awaited march to having a store on every ghetto corner across America. The new unit-located in a former Walgreen’s and … Continue reading

  • Blackest Possible Jury Selected

    SANFORD, FL – Jury selection which was supposed to last three weeks was quickly wrapped up in less than two hours when what is being called the blackest jury ever was seated for the start of the trial of George … Continue reading

  • Streets Bleed Pink after the Vote

    ATLANTA,GA– The streets of Atlanta filled with happy parents as they celebrated the Boy Scouts of America voting to allow openly gay boys into the ranks.Thousands of gay men happily skipped down Peachtree Street in downtown Atlanta,GA with their son’s … Continue reading

  • Recruitment No Longer an Issue for Chicago Gangs…Press Conference Details New Recruitment Effort

    CHICAGO– Gang leader OG P-Knuckle of the Almighty Knuckle-Up Stones cried man tears when he heard that 54 schools will close before classes begin next fall. Knuckle, 19, was worried along with other gang leaders about the recruitment issues they … Continue reading