Soon Everyone Will be Able to Pop Bottles

Soon Everyone Will be Able to Pop Bottles

BRONX,NY– The first Bunghole Bottled Liquors opened on a street corner in the Bronx, marking a milestone in the brand’s long-awaited march to having a store on every ghetto corner across America.

The new unit-located in a former Walgreen’s and featuring a 24-hour drive thru – is the first of 40 in the Bronx planned by Reggie Jackson, CEO of the Bunghole Corporation, with six scheduled to open within two blocks over the next few days.

The Bunghole Corporation, which also operates Black Star Music and Video, The Wreck Shop Clothing Store and African Oils & More in New York and other East Coast states has

already opened 72 Bunghole Bottled Liquor stores in Harlem and is scheduled to open 139 in the borough of Brooklyn.

“We’re in our second month, so we’re excited about the rate of expansion. We feel a liquor store is a perfect compliment to the projects, churches, and bodegas,” said Jackson. “There are a lot of unemployed and low-income people in the ghetto, so there’s a lot of pent-up demand for our stores.”

World Star Hip-Hop, another brand that is trying to infiltrate the homes of every black American welcomes the liquor store corporation. “ComStat polls say that black American’s spend an average of 6.5 hours watching our ratchet videos. The drunker people are the stupider things they will try to do. That just boosts our rate of viewership.”

In May,Jackson unveiled his plans to expand to 20,000 stores in New York,New Jersey and Connecticut, with 100 units expected on a one-mile stretch of Albany Avenue in Hartford,CT.

“Our stores serve a great need, and we’re getting great comments from our guests who hang out in front begging for change,” said Jackson.” “Of course, we will continue to expand the products we offer to meet the demand of our customers. It’s surprising what some people in the ghetto will drink.”

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